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Vincent Ho Features in Toronto's New Creations Festival


Vincent Ho features in Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s ‘New Creations Festival’ with a performance of his cello concerto City Suite at Roy Thomson Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada on Friday 7 March 2014. Soloist Shauna Rolston leads the performance with the orchestra under the direction of conductor Gary Kulesha. Also on the programme is the world premiere of Three Pieces for Orchestra by Canadian Brian Current, and the Canadian premiere of Absolute Jest with the St. Lawrence String Quartet, written and conducted by composer John Adams. 

Ho wrote City Suite especially for Canadian cellist Rolston. Ho has said: ‘I have known Shauna since my days as a graduate student at the University of Toronto, where she served as the head of the cello department. Throughout my years of knowing her, she has maintained her career as one of the greatest new music interpreters in Canada.’ In writing this work, Ho was inspired by Eric Siblin’s book about J.S. Bach’s Cello Suites. Ho wanted to create a suite of his own that expressed his musical interpretations of city life.

Find out more about this work on the Promethean Editions website.

Find out more about this performance on the Toronto Symphony Orchestra website.

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